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Wet crushing system
Compared with dry grinding, wet grinding has the following advantages: 1. It can keep the malt husk intact and form a loose and efficient filter layer. The thickness of the filter layer can be increased by 15-20%. 2. It can speed up the filtration speed of the wort, and the wort is clear, and the total wort filtration time can be shortened by 15-20%. 3. It can grind the wheat tooth endosperm into fine pulpy grains, and increase the wort yield by about 2%. The effect is especially obvious for malt with poor solubility. 4. The wheat husk remains intact, which can reduce the dissolution of polyphenols in the wheat husk, reduce the bitterness and astringency in the finished beer, and reduce the color.
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Dry grinding system
The beer raw material crushing system includes two parts: malt crushing system and auxiliary material crushing system. The crushing method is divided into dry crushing and wet crushing. Dry crushing system includes: receiving hopper, elevator, silo, cylindrical magnetic separator, de-stone screening machine, centrifugal fan, low-pressure bag-type pulse dust collector, roller mill, bucket elevator, powder silo.
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1. According to the design of the best rotating separation scheme, the tank body diameter-to-height ratio is enlarged, the swirling speed is reduced, and the sedimentation and aggregation of the solids are promoted to achieve the best separation. 2. A storage tank equipped with thermal coagulum can increase the yield of wort and reduce environmental pollution.
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Boiling pot
1. The application of advanced in-body boiling and pressurization technology improves boiling strength, greatly increases the evaporation effect of dimethyl sulfide, promotes the polymerization of protein and other condensable substances, and realizes rapid separation of wort boiling and polymer. 2. The extracorporeal circulation mixing technology is adopted to accelerate the heating rate of the wort at the initial stage of boiling, so that the wort always maintains a uniform temperature during the heating process, and prevents the regional wort soluble denaturation caused by local overheating, thereby ensuring the wort Boiling quality.
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Filter tank, filter press
1. Adopting advanced and scientific special-shaped tiller structure system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology, to ensure even turning and smoothing, also improve the filtration speed and production efficiency, and maintain the good transparency and juice yield of the wort. 2. The international advanced suspension and mixing device is selected, equipped with frequency conversion, speed regulation, and automatic control technology, which makes the operation more convenient and flexible, simple maintenance and cost saving. 3. The wort filter press adopts the integrated design and manufacture of machine, electricity and liquid, and adopts the world's advanced automatic control system, which effectively improves the production efficiency, improves the saccharification yield and reduces the work intensity.
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Saccharification pot
The use of high-efficiency Miller plate jacket heat exchange technology and the application of scientific steam turbulence principle achieve the maximum heat transfer effect. At the same time, it adopts automatic temperature control technology to ensure the accuracy of the heating rate and holding time of each temperature section of the saccharification. The international advanced suspension speed control system is adopted, and the frequency conversion and automatic control stirring method are adopted to ensure the uniform mixing of the mash during the saccharification process, which can maximize the best biological activity and conversion and catalytic effects of various enzymes in the saccharification process, thereby At the source, the best quality and highest yield of beer are guaranteed.
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Saccharification system
The main part of each container of the saccharification system is made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel. The parts inside the main body of the container in contact with materials such as mash are mechanically polished, and the outside is frosted and polished to ensure that customers are provided with satisfactory products and services. The CGET standard saccharification equipment version includes the following: Conveyance of silos, malt and other grains, grinders, lifting devices and powder bins for malt and other grains; Gelatinizer-a container used to mix the crushed auxiliary material grains with hot water to decompose starch to form a sugar solution; Saccharification pot-a container used to mix crushed malt with hot water to decompose starch to form a sugar solution; Filter tank-wort tank-a container with a professional sieve plate and cultivator system used to separate the lees from the clear wort; Temporary storage tank-a container used to temporarily store hot wort and maintain its temperature; Boiling pot-a container for heating and boiling wort and adding hops; Rotary sink-used for centrifugal separation of hop sediment from wort; Water preparation system; Laboratory equipment for wort testing; Control system and all control components; Saccharification operation platform; All necessary cables, wires and signal wires; All necessary valves and accessories; Food grade stainless steel piping system; Food grade pump; Wort cooling system; Wort oxygenation and temperature measurement device; All necessary mechanical stirring motors, etc.;
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