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Provincial Enterprise Technology CenterProvincial Enterprise Technology Center

The company always puts "scientific and technological innovation" in the first place, and has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to make the company a leading domestic level in the bio-fermentation equipment manufacturing industry. It has a strong scientific research team and comprehensive scientific research advantages with more scientific research results. The "Enterprise Technology Center" was established early and was later named "Jinan City-level Enterprise Technology Center" and "Shandong Province-level Enterprise Technology Center".

In terms of personnel composition, the company has created a good scientific research foundation and conditions after more than 10 years of hard work, and has also created a scientific research team with excellent technology, innovation, and hard work. Under the leadership of chairman Wang Jinzhong as the director of the technology center, the technology center has formed a high-level academic, rigorous work style, and experienced technology team, laying a solid foundation for the company's scientific research work. The company is at the forefront of the industry in the country in terms of the implementation of scientific and technological projects, the number of patent applications, and the cooperation of industry, university and research. In recent years, by continuously increasing capital investment and human investment, strengthening technological innovation, intellectual property protection and new technology research and development, strengthening scientific research and development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and improving the quality and level of scientific research and development projects. The company's economic benefits and technological innovation capabilities have been steadily improved.

In terms of the management system, the company has established a systematic, complete, scientific and reasonable technology management system and incentive measures for scientific and technological achievements, which have laid an important basis for decision-making in scientific research management, and promote the completion of scientific and technological plans and the exchange and promotion of scientific and technological achievements. It has played a powerful role in promoting the innovation enthusiasm of the vast number of scientific and technological personnel.

In terms of talent training, the company has formulated a technological development strategy of "saving anti-crisis, innovation and development", reducing other expenses and increasing investment in science and technology. Strengthen personnel training and recruitment in accordance with the goal of “recruiting a batch, training a batch, trialing a batch, and growing a batch”. At the same time, it cooperates with well-known universities and research institutes to introduce senior talents, expand the research team, and make full use of talents and Technical advantages, do a good job in scientific research and development, do a good job in the integration of scientific research, development, and production, strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with all sectors of society, give play to the role of high-tech enterprises, and better serve the construction of the national economy.

After more than 10 years of exploration and development, the Krona Technology Center has perfect R&D, trial production conditions and corresponding R&D investment, strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and high scientific and technological achievements conversion rate, which is in the forefront of the domestic industry , Has more than 120 utility model patents, 10 invention patents, more than 30 high-tech achievements, 3 local standards approved by the national quality inspection department, 13 enterprise product technical standards, 11 projects have been recognized or supported by the government, and more than 20 Items are included in the technological innovation project plan above the provincial level.


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