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16/16/6 Washing, Filling and Capping Machine
The machine can be divided into six main component groups: a bottle washing machine b filling machine c workbench d capping machine e bottle infusion parts f pipeline system: liquid level control, infusion main
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32-32-10 beer bottle washing, filling and capping machine
The beer beverage packaging system is divided into glass bottle packaging system, can packaging system and fresh-keeping barrel packaging system. Among them, the glass bottle packaging system is the most complicated, while the packaging system of cans and fresh-keeping barrels is relatively simple. Glass bottle packaging system is mainly composed of unloading machine, bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilization machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, packing machine, pipeline valve and control system. Can packaging system, including can unscrambler, conveyor, cap unscrambler and filling machine and sealing machine. The fresh-keeping barrel packaging system includes barrel washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine and conveyor.
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12/1 can beer filling and sealing machine
Number of filling heads: 12 heads Number of sealing: 1 head Bottle type: pop can Height: 80 mm or more Bottle (can) diameter: less than or equal to 95 mm Filling temperature: less than 5 degrees Celsius Power (kw): 2.2KW production capacity ( P/h): 1000-3000 Dimensions (mm): 2000×1350×2100
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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