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Jinan Dumens Fermentation Technology Vocational Training School is the beer college of Germany Dumens College in Asia. It is the last beer branch of Germany Dumens College established overseas. The school's business mainly includes technical personnel training, special lectures, technical consultation, scientific research and development, and academic exchanges.

The technical team of Jinan Dumens Fermentation Technology Vocational Training School has many years of training and consulting experience. Over the years, it has established good cooperative relations with developed countries such as Europe, America, Asia and many domestic universities, scientific research institutions and modern enterprises. So far, the school has hired more than 120 top industry experts at home and abroad, and has close relationships with the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC), the American Brewers Association (MBAA) and the Siebel College of Chicago. The two sides are in teaching, scientific research, and information exchange. Carry out cooperation and exchanges with scientific research and other aspects. Dumens Asia Academy will use the advantages of human resources to invite the world's top beer experts and scholars to open quality courses for the trained personnel, cultivate top beer technical talents, and provide enterprises with the most cutting-edge scientific and technological information, innovative wisdom and technology consultation service. The school will cooperate with colleges and universities related to the beer industry to graft advanced German brewer courses to improve the level of teaching and practice of beer majors in Chinese universities, so as to promote the technological progress and development of China's beer industry.

Jinan Dumensi Fermentation Technology Vocational Training School will adhere to the tenet of "focusing on practice and facing the future", focusing on cultivating students’ hands-on ability, strengthening practical training, achieving zero distance between courses and positions, and cultivating a large number of noble professional ethics and super practical ability Strong practical talent. Our goal is to build Jinan Dumensi Fermentation Technology Vocational Training School into the "Huangpu Military Academy" of the beer industry.

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