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Fruit Wine Brewing System
Krone has a strong and professional team of engineers who are fully responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of large and medium-sized fruit wine and fruit vinegar projects, with an annual output of 10,000 to 200,000 tons. Our company has 12 senior engineers in fruit wine, fruit vinegar, equipment manufacturing and related industries, 3 certified senior welding engineers, more than 140 senior pressure vessel argon arc welders, research and development, design, manufacture and installation of various production fruit wine and fruit Non-standard equipment for vinegar, including raw material processing system, fermentation tank, wine storage tank, freezing tank, blending tank, CIP system, yeast expansion system, filtering device, sanitary piping system and other supporting accessories, our specialty is: realization The whole turnkey project has been providing various companies with consulting services for various fruit wine and fruit vinegar brewing technology for many years. In addition, the provincial technology research and development center of Krone Company has continuously developed and developed a series of test equipment for concentrated fruit wine and fruit vinegar, which can meet the requirements of various large, medium and small fruit wine and beverage factories, scientific research institutes, universities, colleges, and technical colleges. The different needs of the laboratory.
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