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Kelang is deeply integrated into the “Belt and Road” Cambodia
With the aid of the ASEAN economic and trade meeting, Shandong Kelang Biological Equipment Co., Ltd. has benefited from the development of the ASEAN market in recent years. The products of the Kelang company have successively landed in ASEAN countries and played an important role in the local society and economy. "Food Industry Joint Laboratory" is a representative project.
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Uzbekistan 15T Sake Tank Project
Uzbekistan’s 15 cubic meter sake tank project is located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan in the hinterland of Central Asia. This is a brewery with a history of more than 50 years. The original equipment came from Slovakia. During the period, the brewery was closed for a while.
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Taiyuan three cups one bucket craft beer workshop
The classic design adopts a space-saving combined design, which is easy to operate. Various tests have been carried out before leaving the factory. The piping connection, valve configuration, operating platform and PLC control system are all the brewers' best (change to standard) operating design, which reduces the work intensity of the craftsman. The perfect and smooth process design makes the whole equipment compact and easy to operate.
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Moscow Craft Brewery Project
Adjeer was established in 2008. The first contact was in 2017. The investor was a well-known Russian beer distributor, contracting and packaging beer from Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Belarus and other places in Russia. To achieve sales, with outstanding channel development capabilities and excellent service, this company has gained more than 20% of the market share in Russia, in Moscow, St.
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