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Wheat machine
The all-in-one malting machine eliminates the three independent production and operation space of wheat soaking, sprouting, and drying, and concentrates them in an all-in-one machine, saving all civil engineering works of soaking, sprouting and drying, and also saves Go to the material transportation process between the three operations, saving investment, saving labor, saving energy, reducing production costs, and improving labor productivity. The specific performance is: To (1) Low investment and high efficiency: In the same-scale malting system, the all-in-one malting machine occupies about 1/6 of the Saladin-style malting system, saving construction area and saving construction costs. To (2) Short construction period and quick results: Due to the reduction of building area, the wheat-making integrated machine can be produced only by installing it in place, shortening the construction period by more than 80%. To (3) Low operating costs and production cost savings: Due to the saving of material transportation, the all-in-one malting machine saves water, electricity, and gas consumption than Saladin-style malting, which saves production The cost is nearly 20%. To (4) Less loss and high wheat yield: There is no multiple transportation of materials in production, which reduces unnecessary waste. The production method is more advanced than Saladin, and the wheat yield is improved. Nearly 2% higher. To (5) Save personnel and be environmentally friendly: the integrated wheat production machine can realize automated production, and ordinary production workers only need 1/3 of Saladin production, saving production workers; As water consumption is reduced, it is more conducive to environmental protection. To (6) Easy to install and maintain: the integrated malting machine is a self-contained system, easy to use, and easy to install and maintain. Only ordinary maintenance workers can be competent for the installation and maintenance of the integrated malting machine. maintenance work. To Automatically control water inflow, drainage, ventilation and spraying, suitable for a number of different wheat soaking methods; after soaking, it will naturally enter the germination stage without material transfer, and it can be automatically controlled at this time Supply air temperature and humidity, and timely mix the wheat layer to ensure that the germination meets the requirements. To The drying process of the wheat layer after germination is carried out automatically according to the single-layer high-efficiency drying oven drying program, and the semi-return air or full return air of the drying exhaust air is implemented to reduce energy consumption; The entire production process is fully automated by PLC and touch screen control to achieve automation, which is very convenient and saves time and effort.
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Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that uses a series of hoppers that are evenly fixed on endless traction components to vertically lift materials. The working principle is: the hopper scoops up the material from the hopper below, as the conveyor belt or chain is lifted to the top, it turns down after bypassing the top wheel, and the bucket elevator pours the material into the receiving tank. The belt drive bucket elevator generally uses rubber belts, which are installed on the lower or upper drive rollers and the upper and lower reversing rollers. Chain drive bucket elevators are generally equipped with two parallel drive chains, with a pair of drive sprockets on the upper or lower side, and a pair of reversing sprockets on the lower or upper side. Bucket elevators are generally equipped with an organic shell to prevent dust from flying in the bucket elevator.
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Malting system
The automatic malting system developed by our company has completely changed the traditional malting system in the past. The automatic malting system combines the three equipments of the soaking tank, the germination box and the drying oven into one, and completes the soaking, The three operations of sprouting and drying, it can be installed and used independently, eliminating the need for multi-layer buildings such as soaking and drying, and also eliminating the construction of brick-concrete structure of the germination box, and also eliminating the need for soaking and drying. The conveying of germinated materials can save production costs, reduce production costs, facilitate production operations, improve product quality, and improve production efficiency. It is the first choice for the development of malt preparation enterprises.  
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